The Issues

This year, vote for new leadership on the Eaton County Board of Commissioners.


“We can be more, if we are willing to invest in ourselves.”

— TJ Bucholz

My Platform

Your Right to Transparent Government


In this time of economic uncertainty, citizens in Eaton County deserve transparency from all levels of government. I believe that government leaders must always be accountable to the people they represent in the actions taken on their behalf. 


One avenue to improving transparency is posting government spending online. It just makes sense that Eaton County residents should be able to access information on how their tax dollars are spent, and an online database would provide a way for residents to see this vital information.  

Collective Benefits of Public Infrastructure


Investment in useful and productive local infrastructure—including mass transit, quality local roads, broadband internet, and public health services—is key to boosting connection, supporting business growth, creating jobs, and providing a healthier environment for all Eaton County residents.


I believe now is the time for Eaton County to make infrastructure a priority for everyone.

Sharing the Responsibility and Easing the Burden

Our leaders from across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors should create growth strategies that make the best use of Eaton County’s competitive assets.


Establishing regional partnerships will allow for the expansion of services and the sharing of costs across the district. I believe we can make connections and partnerships throughout the region so all of our communities can become competitive in the 21st century.

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