Whether you vote in-person at the polls or from home this election season, rest assured that your vote is secure and counted.


Your local Clerk’s offices are working diligently to perform the important tasks of Democracy.

Vote from Home

Have you filled out your absentee voting ballot yet?

If not, it’s easy to do in just five steps: 

  1. Vote.

  2. Place the ballot in the secrecy sleeve.

  3. Place the secrecy sleeve in the outer envelope.

  4. Sign outer envelope.

  5. If needed, add postage OR hand-deliver to your Clerk’s drop-box.

Voting from Home Means: 

  • No lines

  • No driving

  • No health risk 

  • No time off

Requesting your absentee ballot 


If you haven’t already requested your absentee voting ballot, you can still visit your Clerk’s office and request one. Apply, receive, and vote in one visit!

Oneida Twp. 

11041 Oneida Rd. 


City of Grand Ledge 

310 Greenwood St. 


Roxand Twp. 

142 Main St.


Delta Twp. 

7710 West Saginaw Hwy


Return your ballot to your Clerk either by mail or by dropping off at the office. 


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